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Terms & Conditions

  1. Upon completion of the online sign up registration you agree to pay for any FitLife Challenge LTD and Fitlife GYM LTD products in full, according to which payment option you have chosen.
  2. All missed sessions can be made up by going to any available classes in the current month only, no refunds will be given for missed sessions.
  3. The products are non-refundable once you have registered as you have booked your spot in the group classes and in the challenges.
  4. The prizes will be given to the best male and female transformation, you will have to attend all assessments to qualify for prizes.
  5. When signing up to any FitLife Challenge LTD Membership or programme or challenge, you agree that you may have to attend classes online due to the Covid-19 pandemic, and or any of the challenge plans stated on this page.
  6. Please note to downgrade your mebership there will be a downgrade fee of Rs 2500, as it cost Fitlife to perform the downgrade via the systems. 
  7. By being registered on the Fitlife Challenge LTD and Fitlife GYM LTD software and to any past or present Fitlife Challenge LTD and Fitlife GYM LTD challenges or program's you hereby agree that pictures and videos that feature you can be used on social media and on any Fitlife marketing material online, email and on print.
  8. By being registered on the Fitlife Challenge LTD and Fitlife GYM LTD software and to any past or present Fitlife Challenge LTD and Fitlife GYM LTD challenges and/or program's you hereby agree to receive marketing content via email, sms, WhatsApp and be added WhatsApp Group's or any other communicative channel using your email and mobile number that you registered with on the Fitlife software.
  9. Please note that all studios have cameras and you may be recorded.
  10. Please note that as of 01 October you will be required to bring your vaccination cards or be registered on the 'beSafeMoris' app to present to the gym and studios on request in order to enter the facilities. 
  11. To view your specific product terms and conditions please view your account details.
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